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  • 3D printed optical engine CUV47D04 module
    产品详情 product details

    product description:
    The 3D printed optical engine CUV47D04 module is a system-level product designed for 3D printing applications. It is an upgraded version of the CUV47D01 / 02/03 series of light engine products and comes with a DLPC control module. The image resolution is 1920 * 1080, the output light power is high, and the projection working distance can be adjusted within the range of 100mm-200mm. It has a wide application prospect in the field of 3D printing

    Technical characteristics and advantages:
      High technical specifications: high resolution, high contrast, high optical power output, etc.
      Industrial grade: all-glass technology of optical system, good heat dissipation, high reliability
      Compact structure and adjustable projection distance to meet the needs of different customers

      3D printing in various industries, such as medical beauty, mold making, DEMO sample making, etc.

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